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How to Use the GitHub Browser to Install Add-ons. Open the Indigo add-on from the Add-ons menu. Select Addon Installer. Select Search by GitHub Username and then type the GitHub username of a Kodi add-on developer. Read my 4 Reasons Why Kodi Streamers Need a Kodi VPN. Having Kodi Streaming Issues?


Hi all, just wondering if someone can shed any light on an issue I'm having with the above mentioned addon.

Open Vpn Kodi Github Download

I'm running Kodi 17.6 on Windows 10, and I'm trying to set up Kodi and Open VPN. I have Open VPN installed under Windows, and it's working away perfectly via the Windows GUI. I have Zomboided's excellent VPN Manager installed under Kodi, and it seems to be working away in that I can run the addon, configure it, etc. The problem is, both programs can't see each other, and VPN Manager can't seem to find or call Open VPN.

The error I'm getting in Kodi when I try to validate a connection with VPN Manager is, 'The OpenVPN executable isn't working. Check the log, then from a command line prompt type 'openvpn' and fix any problems reported.'

This issue is hinted at on Zomboided's github page; 'If you're running Windows, then it's probably just that you failed to check the box which adds to the openvpn executable to the path. You can google all about Windows paths to fix this.'

Github Addons For Kodi

The problem with the above is, I've looked several times and can't see this box to tick during OpenVPN's installation. I've installed, uninstalled it, tried an older version, tried ticking all available boxes...nothing, same result.

Can anyone help?

edit - running both Kodi and OpenVPN as Admin also