Neptune Rising for Kodi from Mr Blamo is working once more, now housed within the Mr Freeworld repository. This article has been fully updated to reflect the change. While many Kodi users have found there are a few great alternatives and replacements available, Neptune Rising itself remains one of the best working Kodi addons for watching free movies and TV shows.

How to Install Neptune Rising Kodi addon. December 7, 2017. If you get it fail to install dependency go to kodi addon club and download nanscraper zip and install that from the zip, then install neptune. That’s how I got around mine keep saying it. How to Install Neptune Rising Kodi addon on Krypton 17. If you get it fail to install dependency go to kodi addon club and download nanscraper zip and install.

Advanced Kodi TV Addon Install Info

Neptune Rising Home Repo Location

  • Home Repo: Mr Freeworld
  • Repo URL:

Quick Install of Neptune Rising

  1. Click Kodi System > File manager > Add Source > <None>.
  2. Enter, name it freeworld, and go back to the Kodi home screen.
  3. Click Kodi Add-ons > Add-ons browser > Install from Zip File > freeworld > to install Mr Freeworld Repo.
  4. Once Mr Freeworld repo is installed, click on Install From Repository > Mr Freeworld Repo > Video Add-ons > Neptune Rising > Install.

That’s it; pop some popcorn, dim the lights, connect with your IPVanish VPN app, fire up Neptune Rising, and watch whatever you want. While it may go down again, and most likely will, do these two things to have Neptune Rising working for a good long time.

  • protect yourself with an encrypted VPN
  • regularly update your URL resolvers

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Install Neptune Rising Kodi 17.6

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Kodi Neptune Rising Alternatives

Neptune Rising from the indominable Mr Blamo found in the Mr Freeworld Repo ranked as the most popular and best working Kodi TV addon available while housed in the Mr Blamo Repo. While this incarnation seems to work just as well, users are a bit hesitant concerning this beautiful Kodi addon’s current viability.

By the way, if you enjoy the Neptune Rising Kodi addon, you may also wish to check out a recently updated child of the original Genesis. Named Exodus, I think you’ll also really enjoy it.

If you just love checking out great Kodi addons that find all the free on-demand movies, TV shows, and live streaming sports online, be sure to check out our Best Kodi Addons article. You will find plenty of great alternatives to Neptune Rising or any other Kodi addon that suddenly stops working for you.

Before Installing ANY Kodi Third-Party TV Addon

Beginning with the release of Kodi 17 Krypton, the XBMC Foundation has required a setting adjustment before allowing third-party addon installation. If you’ve not done so already, check out our Enable Unknown Sources guide to get Kodi ready for your installation of unofficial addons. Without this Krypton and newer system setting switched on, Kodi will not allow the source location to be used.

If you’ve installed a custom Kodi skin, or a build that included one, you may wish to re-enable the default skin for the following illustrated install guide. All of the images used in this guide to illustrate the installation steps use the Estuary skin, which is the default skin since the release of Kodi 17 Krypton.

How To Install Neptune Rising Kodi Addon Guide

Sporting a beautiful layout and simple navigation, Neptune Rising provides access to more movies and TV shows than one person could probably watch in a lifetime. As the Freeworld Repository now hosts the legendary Neptune Rising Kodi addon, let’s get it installed and kick back for a show.

As a direct fork, the Neptune Rising Kodi addon shares much of the wildly popular Poseidon addon’s codebase. This addon’s line of descendants shows some of the greatest names in Kodi third-party history. Along with Poseidon, these include Exodus, arguably the most popular addon of all time. This also includes the recent favorite Covenant, along with Genesis, the Lambda development from which this wonderful line of code began.

The following step-by-step Kodi addon install guide will show you how to install what is currently the best of the best Kodi addons. Perform each step below to easily install it onto your streaming device.

How to Give Kodi the Freeworld Repo Source Location

You’ll find the subject of today’s installation residing in the Freeworld Repository, one of the best Kodi repositories ever. First, we’ll make Kodi recognize the repo URL as a viable source for addon installs and updates.

  1. Click on the System icon at the top of Kodi’s main menu, which looks like a gear cog.

    Click or Tap Kodi’s Main Menu Gear Icon

  2. Then, enter the File manager.

    Enter the File Manager within the System Menu

  3. On the left, click on Add Source.

    Add MrFreeworld Repo Source to the Kodi File Manager

  4. Then, click where it says <None> to enter a custom URL.

    Choose None to Define Custom Source Location

  5. Enter the following url:, then click on OK.
  6. Move down to the text input area right below the source address you just typed in and enter freeworld, then click OK once more.
  7. Check for errors, especially in the repo source URL, then click on OK one last time to complete installation of the source info.

How to Install the Home Neptune Rising Repository

The MrFreeworld Repo houses most of the greatest working Kodi addons available fro August 2019. Explore the Freeworld Repository a bit once you get this great repo installed!

  1. Click the back button on your Fire TV remote twice to head back to the main Kodi menu, then click the Add-ons item.

    Kodi Add-ons Main Menu Item

  2. At the top of the menu, click the Add-on browser icon, which looks like an open box and often gets called the Package manager.

    Open the Kodi Add-on Browser Located at the Top of the Add-ons Menu

  3. In the list of provided options, then click on Install from zip file.

    Install From Zip File within Kodi Add-on Browser

  4. Then, select the freeworld source we installed earlier in the dialog box that pops up.
  5. Choose the file to install the Mr Freeworld Repo from. You can click on the Freeworld Repo zip file, or select it then move over to click on the OK button. As long as the name of the zip file shows in the status bar at the bottom of the dialog window, then either way works fine.
  6. Once you see the dialog pop up in the top right corner of your screen telling you Mr Freeworld Repo Add-on Installed, then move on to the last section of the install guide.

How to Install Neptune Rising Kodi Addon

If you explored a bit within the Mr Freeworld Repo, then you may already see how to install Neptune Rising and many other great Kodi addons. If you didn’t, then learn how to install it right here.

  1. Next, click on Install From Repository.

    Install From Repository within Kodi Add-on Browser

  2. Then, select the Mr Freeworld Repo.
  3. Go into Video Add-Ons within the Freeworld Repo directory.
  4. Select Neptune Rising for installation.

    Click on Neptune Rising within Freeworld Repo Video Add-ons

  5. Now, just click on Install!

    Click Install Button

  6. Within a short moment, you should see the Neptune Rising add-on installed message appear.

    Install Success Dialog

You now have what is currently the best Kodi TV addon available installed successfully and awaiting your command!

Neptune Rising Features

If you’ve ever used the Covenant, Exodus, or Genesis Kodi TV addons, then you’ll notice the clean and welcome similarities right away with Neptune Rising. Its categories include Movies, TV Shows, Top Movies, Playlists, IMDB User Lists, Critters Corner, What The Fork?, My Movies, My TV Shows, Tools, and Search.

The categories containing Movies and TV Shows in Neptune Rising have loads of 1080p and HD quality streams available. This giant library of free online streaming movies and TV shows is sorted by year, genre, actor, and more, which makes finding your entertainment of choice exceptionally easy.

In the Critter’s Corner area, you’ll find a list of the 100 Best Movie Titles for each genre. Kick back and browse knowing you will find something even when you have no idea what you want to watch. You can also integrate your Trakt TV account to easily manage and view your media lists. This keeps content on all your Kodi streaming media devices synchronized.

You can greatly personalize your experience within the Tools category. This settings area gives you many options including playback, subtitles, library, downloads, and others to tweak.

Full Kodi System Integration Available

If you have the Chappa'ai Kodi utility plugin installed, then you can access content even more conveniently. Chappa’ai will search Neptune Rising along with all of your other compatible TV addons. This makes Kodi a breeze to use. Head over to the Chappa'ai install article to find out more about this fantastic addition to Kodi.

Also, if you use Real-Debrid , you will find even more of what you want. The links provided by the Real-Debrid network of high-speed servers provide some of the best HD streams available. Some people equate using Real-Debrid to getting your own fast lane during rush-hour traffic. Make buffering a thing of the past and get the highest quality video streams your connection can handle. Just make sure you’re connected through your IPVanish VPN app for unlimited bandwidth. Otherwise, your internet service provider may be throttling (slowing) your connection for using Kodi.

Simple Neptune Rising Installation Video

If you enjoy watching quirky instructional videos while installing Kodi addons, this will probably suit you just fine. You’ve been warned. I’m just having fun here while getting ready to make some more instructional videos that are more needed in my opinion by the Kodi community. Note you’ll need to update the repo information ( for the Mr Freeworld repo yourself if really trying to use this video to install Neptune Rising. Anyhootchie, turn it up and enjoy this funkin video!

Mr. Blamo Update Notice About Neptune Rising Going Down

UPDATE SEPTEMBER 10:Mr. Blamo, the curator for the Blamo repository and developer for some of the best Kodi addons of 2018, has closed the Blamo Repo doors and pulled the repo offline. With the Blamo repo down, there will be no more updates to the great Neptune Rising, Placenta, Death Streams, Chappa'ai, Wraith, or Aragon Live addons unless taken up by another developer.

In a tweet just a few hours ago, @Daddy_Blamo said:

“Repo And Github Gone any Githubs saying blamo wont be me… as a Developer i’m done for good.”

This is truly a sad day for Kodi users worldwide. The Blamo Repo has been a mainstay of many thousands of Kodi users' entertainment centers over the past several months.

To make the best of a terrible situation, the Wilson repo has taken Neptune Rising into its embrace and directly forked it into the new Magicality Kodi addon. Also helping to ease your pain, we present the new Tsunami OG, which we’ve found is one of the best working all-purpose Kodi addons to come along in ages. Even live sports streaming presented with its own channel TV guide takes top-notch form. For your viewing pleasure, we also suggest the latest update to the great Exodus Kodi addon found in the KodiBae repo. The two of these should take care of your streaming entertainment needs for now. Give them a try and let us know what you think.

Last Word on the Best Kodi Addon for Streaming Movies and TV Shows

This fantastic Kodi TV addon has thousands of viewing options available for your pleasure. It works great on the latest Firestick and Fire TV . Give it a try on these, the most popular Kodi streaming devices available! Make sure to do so from the privacy and protection of a securely encrypted VPN, though.

May your streams never run dry!

HomeAddonsHow To Install Neptune Rising On Kodi 2019 Working Method

Since the big takedown last year finding a reliable video addons that has working links is getting harder. Fortunately there are still a few Kodi video addons that offer great quality video streams and one that is quickly becoming a favorite in the Kodi community is Neptune Rising.

Like many other great video addons, Neptune Rising combines great quality video links with an easy to use user interface which makes using this addon an enjoyable experience. In this how to install Neptune Rising on Kodi guide, I will show you an easy step-by-step way on how you can download, install and setup this addon.


  • Neptune Rising Kodi Addon Review
  • Alternative Video Addons Worth Using

Streaming Online Content On Kodi? It’s Time To Start Using a VPN To Protect Yourself

As you are probably aware most Internet Service Providers (ISP’s) don’t like people streaming content and will try everything to stop you from being able to do so. Many ISP’s are known to go as far as throttling the internet speed of those involved. Furthermore, a lot of great content is Geo restricted, which means that you will be unable to access it with your current IP address.

Fortunately there is a solution to this problem. By using a VPN, all internet traffic coming in and going out from your IP address will remain anonymous which means that your ISP cannot see what you are doing online.

You can stay protected and access Geo restricted content with PureVPN. Learn more about the benefits of having a VPN on the PureVPN website.

How to Install Neptune Rising on Kodi Step By Step Guide

Installing the Neptune rising addon is pretty straight forward and simple. The process consist of 4 main stages which are:

Neptune Rising Kodi Zip Download Pc

  1. Allowing Third Party Downloads
  2. Setting Up The Mr Blamo File Source
  3. Downloading and Installing The Mr Blamo Repository
  4. Installing the Neptune Rising Video Addon

Now you have a rough idea of what we will be doing next, launch your Kodi app and lets start with the first step:

Step 1: To start go to Kodi Settings page by clicking on the small gear icon located on the top left hand of the screen.

Step 2: Now click on system settings.

Step 3: Once in system settings, scroll down until you get to the addons option and activate Unknown Sources. Kodi will prompt you with a warning message, click ok to continue.

Step 4: Now go back to the System page and click on File Manager.

Kodi Neptune Rising Repository

Step 5: You are now going to set up the MR Blamo Repository File Source. To do that, scroll down and select the add source option.

Step 6: An add file source box will appear. Double click <None> which can be found in the middle of the box.

Step 7: Now you need to enter the official MR Blamo repository URL which is:

Step 8: After entering the URL, make sure you give the Source File a name. You can enter a name at the bottom section in this box. For this tutorial I chose to name the file MR BLAMO as it will be easy for me to find it later on.

Step 9: Go back to the Kodi homepage and go to addons. Once In addons click on the small box icon on the top left. This will bring you to the Kodi addon browser.

Step 10: Click on the Install from Zip File option.

Step 11: Here you will need to select the file source you created in step 8.

Step 12: Select the file. This will start the installation process.

Step 13: Once successfully installed, you will see a notification appear on the top right hand of your screen. Congratulations you have just installed the MR Blamo repository on your Kodi. The next stage will be installing the Neptune Rising addon.

Step 14: To continue go back to the addon browser page and select the Install From Repository option.

Step 15: Scroll down until you find the MR Blamo Repository and click on it.

Step 16: Here you will see that addons are sorted according to category. Select the Video Addons Category.

Step 17: Go down the list of addons and you will find the Neptune Rising video addon. Click it and you will be brought to the addon information page.

Step 18: Here you can see information such as what the addon does and who created it. To begin the installation process click on the install button located at the bottom right.

Step 19: You will see a notification come up telling you that Neptune Rising addon was successfully installed.

Nice work! You have now successfully installed the Neptune Rising Kodi Addon. To start using the addon you can find it in the video addons section.

Neptune Rising Kodi Addon Review

Neptune Rising Kodi

Once you launch Neptune Rising you will see that it give you a lot of great options to choose from such as you can see in the picture below.

After playing around with the addon I have to say that these are the two categories I like most.

Critter’s Corner

At first I was abit reluctant to click on this option as the picture gave me the impression that I would find horrific looking critters inside, but I was surprised at how amazing Critters Corner is.

If you are the type of person that doesn’t like to waste time scrolling endlessly through a long list of movies just to find the one you want to watch then you will love this.

Critters Corner takes the top 100 most popular movies of each genre and sorts them into alphabetical order. Just imagine your in the mood for a bit of action, all you do is click on the 100 Best action movie category and you will be able to pick from the best action movies of all time, which is great if your looking to save a bit of time or need help making a decision.

IMDB User List

If you are familiar with the IMDB website you probably know that you are able to see all the information about the movie such as actors, trailers and ratings listed on the site. Not only does IMDB allow users to give movies a rating, users can also give reviews and compile lists of what they think are the best movies to watch.

What the IMDB user list options does is take some of the most popular user lists on IMDB recreates it in the addon. As you can see from the picture, lists range from the most popular spy movies of all time to cult horror classics. I can see this providing you hours of entertainment without you having to do any research on which movies are worth watching.

As you can see, apart from giving you the best quality video streams available, the Neptune Rising addon really shines when it comes to the convenience that it offers.

Alternative Video Addons Worth Using

If you are looking to try some great Kodi video addons here are some that are definitely worth trying:


New to the video addon scene, Placenta is quickly becoming a favorite in the Kodi community. If you enjoyed using the legendary Exodus video app then you will love Placenta as it is a working Exodus fork with alot of great added features. you can install Placenta by following our how to install Placenta on Kodi tutorial.


How To Install Neptune Rising On Kodi

How this video addon keeps on surviving take downs is nothing short of a miracle. The bubbles addon is one of few reliable video addons that is still working today. You can install this addon by reading our Bubbles Repository Installation Guide.

I hope you enjoyed this guide and I bet you can’t wait to start exploring everything Neptune Rising has to offer.


As you probably know using third party addons on Kodi is still abit of a grey area and in order for you to protect your privacy and make yourself anonymous online I suggest you use a VPN. If you do not have a VPN yet then you can get one for as little as $2.84 per month from PureVPN.

With PureVPN you can rest assured that all data going to and from your computer is encrypted which means that your Internet Service Provider doesn’t know what you are looking at. You can find out more about all the benefits of using PureVPN at their website.

Disclaimer: is in no way affiliated or associated with the official Kodi Addon. We do not host, or condone the illegal use of copyrighted material. All guides on our site are intended for material that users already have rights for. Please check your local laws to ensure you stay compliant.