Trying to download and install Xbian for my Samsung smart tv but not sure which version to use. I am planning on downloading onto a usb so I can install onto my tv. I am afraid that you are in wrong place. XBian is a Kodi distro made and designed for specific hardware such as Raspberry Pi, CuBox-i, Hummingboard.

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You have a Smart TV , but it's working on WebOS. And you want to watch many entertainment programs on your tv with Kodi app installed on it. How to do it ?

Are there the way to install kodi on smart tv running with WebOS

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I seen have many guys was asked a question same: 'Hi all, I got LG Smart TV (it's not Android, it's WebOS) and I'm looking for a way to run Kodi on it please.
I searched on YouTube (it says to go to Kodi > downloaded > Other > Linux > Xbian > and to download it on memory stick and connect to the tv, but the tv didn't see the file at all)

For looking for a good guide that help you can install Kodi app on webOS as LG Smart TV. You can refer to the following tips
Guy 1 : Only a few tvs can run kodi,just buy fire tv off amazon under 100 bucks way faster than fire stick,more memory has sd card slot,an better processor helps with buffering alot - lol
Guy 2: Most Smart TVs dont have the RAM to effectively run most apps/kodi. So do not waste your time trying to find a way to install kodi on smarttv [email protected]@
Guy 3: Better off buying a 40$ fire stick then trying to mirror - maybe this is good idea :)
In the meantime , if you have no cable to connect laptop to tv , check to see if your laptop and tv have wi-di ( wireless direct) , means they can connect wirelessly . Or if you have a Roku or Chromecast laying around somewhere , you can mirror or plex with those. Only in the meantime , cause you dont get the same image definition by mirroring
Guy 4: Or mirror another device to the TV
You can mirror any other smart device.. phone, tablet etc. As long as they're on the same wifi. Go to your settings in your TV and look for mirroring options... And look up your specific model for mirroring and it will give you instructions...

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So with few the answer from some people, now you can understand that with smart tv running on WebOS, as LG Smarttv webos, you can not play & install kodi on webOs Lg Smart TV. You are only watch entertaiment programs as movies, tv shows, or sports via mirror another device to your TV

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