1. Download Kodi 18 On Ipad Without Jailbreak
  2. Kodi For Ios No Jailbreak

Here we are going to talk about the article “Kodi for iPhone Download without Jailbreak (Kodi iOS iPad)”. Kodi which is formerly known as XBMC™; is open source for all users (including iPhone users). The iPhone user can get Kodi iOS (.dmg file) by different methods.

How to download Kodi on your iPhone or iPad without jailbreaking; How to download Kodi on your iPhone or iPad without jailbreaking. By Desire Athow How To. There’s no need to jailbreak your. KODI ON IPAD/IPHONE NO JAILBREAK COMPLETE SET UP JUNE 2017 LIVY KODI. Install Kodi on IPAD No Jailbreak June 2017 - Duration. How to Download a Video from Facebook - Duration. Kodi for iPhone & iPad Download & Install without Jailbreaking. April 19, 2017 By kodiapptv. If you like watching Movies, TV Shows, and music videos, then you may have some knowledge of Kodi. It is a very great media player and online streaming software. Kodi for iPad (without Jailbreak).

The methods require a jailbreak to the iPhone and other method did not require the jailbreak but it needs another medium to force Kodi to install on iOS; such as Xcode. One method needs Cydia Impactor.

Finally, to begin with, the Kodi for iPhone; the iPhone user has to follow the steps in a chronological manner. All methods are given below and some alternative to Kodi also there.

At last, the all above features are available for iPhone. But the official Kodi version does not contain any content, the Addons will provide all that facilities.

Pros of Kodi for iPhone without Jailbreak

  • ​No Need to Jailbreak, means no threat to your device warranty.
  • The method given here is completely legal and official also.
  • It's very easy to install Kodi on iPhone without Jailbreak
  • Official Support from the developers are available if you follow this method.

Cons of Kodi for iPhone with Jailbreak

  • Your Apple device warranty will be void in case you are jailbreaking.
  • First of all, it's difficult and illegal to jailbreak the device.
  • I think it is difficult to install Kodi App on iOS device which are jailbroken
  • No support is provided when you are installing Kodi on iPad or iPhone.

Kodi for iPhone shows many good features. The App itself comes with the loaded interesting features. Moreover, the Kodi was introduced for the Xbox user. Hence, it spread to all other media with different languages.

Kodi for iPhone


Download Size

40.1 MB



Features of App

Full HD Movies, Streaming

Last Update

20th May 2017

The Kodi is available unofficially for the iPhone and it has all features which all other platforms have. The features of Kodi iOS are listed below.

  • You can directly enjoy the content of your Kodi app and device on your iPhone.
  • Supports movies
  • It's free to download and use unlike other applications which are available for high charge.
  • It's free to install

Kodi for iPhone without Jailbreak (How to Install)

The Kodi for iPhone have different methods to get; one of them get process without the Jailbreak of iPhone. Here I am going to discuss one of the two methods of Kodi for iPhone without Jailbreak. It includes Xcode method and Cydia Impactor method. I want you to see listed steps for Xcode.

Download Kodi 18 On Ipad Without Jailbreak

  1. It requires a computer with running XOS or Mac.
    • The user has to get Xcode (version 7). It's available on Mac store for free. Refer this link - Xcode
    • An Apple account(developer). Refer this for developer account - appleid.apple.com and to get its membership refer here- developer.apple.com
    • iOS Signer utility; you can download from here- Signer App
    • To get Kodi files(deb) download from here - Kodi deb
  2. Firstly, click on Xcode on your Mac and open it. Select the add new Xcode project. Then select an application on the left interface and then click on the Single view application.
  3. Fill the unique name in the Product name and provide the Organization name. Then click next.
  4. After that, click on to choose the location to save your project.
  5. Meanwhile, the Xcode will show any complaint; you need to click on the Fix issue tab.
  6. Make sure that you have already connected the device to get start with sideload of Kodi for iPhone.
  7. To fix the issue automatically, you need to sign in with your Apple username and password; it will ask you to Add.
  8. Xcode will itself analyze the Apple ID and developer account to resolve the issue. When it get to finish; the Xcode will not provide any warning or complaint.
  9. Now, click on the iOS APP Signer application that you downloaded earlier.
  10. The box will have the open option, Open the Kodi deb file which you have downloaded before; by locating in the open section.
  11. Once you select deb file, now select the signing certificate and provisioning profile from the list.
  12. Click the start button, once it gets highlighted.
  13. After that, select the destination file to sideload the Kodi iOS App.
  14. Meanwhile, go to Xcode and locate the windows option on the top bar and go to the devices.
  15. Now select the Connect option from the device panel and click on the + to add it.
  16. At last, locate the IPA file from the destination you were chosen in iOS APP singer.
  17. Additionally, the sideload will start and will take time; if you have done all steps carefully then it will progress perfectly.
  18. Now, you can enjoy the Kodi for iPhone without getting it Jailbreak.

Thus, the above points are given to get Kodi App on iOS without getting your iPhone Jailbreak. The steps look complicate but they are so easy to perform. If you found any trouble then refer the other option with the help of Jailbreak.

Kodi for iPhone with Jailbreak

Kodi for iphone no jailbreak

Kodi has released the current stable version that is Jarvis v16.1. In this method, it required Jailbreak iPhone and the iOS version more than 5.5.1. If you have any query then go through this FAQs. To start the process, please go through the following points.

  • Foremost, you need to download Cydia App from Apple store or you can get it from here- For Mac and For Windows
  • Now download Kodi from this link – Kodi 16.1
  • Now install Cydia and launch it.
  • Go to the source and tap it.
  • Now, you will find Edit option there, select it.
  • Meanwhile, you will find an Add tab, you click on that.
  • After that, there will be URL bar where you have to type this “box: http://mirrors.kodi.tv/apt/ios/ and tap Add Source”
  • Now tap on the return to get back to Cydia.
  • Then click on the team Kodi source and proceed.
  • Now, tap on edit option and select on the multimedia switch to enable it and select done.
  • Find multimedia option and tap on it.
  • Now click on Kodi iOS and start the installation by clicking install.
  • Finally, Once the installation completed, you will see the Kodi App on the iOS screen.

Hence, the above-listed steps show the steps to get Kodi for iPhone with a jailbroken. If you find any issue with the steps then try to uninstall current Kodi and try to repeat the steps properly.

  • Kodi is an open source(free) App; which is available free on the web.
  • It makes users stream all different kind of movies, videos, TV shows and even helps to broadcast radio.
  • The user can use own private storage to mirror the content on the screen.
  • The more features are given below.
  • Movies - It runs all most of all those media formats; WEBM, 3D, HEVC, H.264, ISOs, and includes online streamable media file. It can show the best results and makes every work in detail.
  • Music- Kodi App can play any of music extensions/formats such as MP4, OGG, MP3, AAC, WMA, and WAVE. The unique feature 'MusicBrainz' makes the control of music playlist smart way.
  • TV shows library - It has all thumbnails and banners for all TV shows below the Kodi App and has the best way to explore episodes with its descriptions; the library is organized in well category wise.
  • Kodi App allows the user to stream any channel on live TV.
  • There are interesting features such as different Addons; which are available for the Kodi iOS from the Kodi community.
  • Finally, 'Skins' (Addons) help Kodi for iPhone to change the Graphic user interface.

Kodi For Ios No Jailbreak

There is few alternative to Kodi for the iPhone or iOS users. They are somewhat similar to operate but have different installation methods. They are free as well as a premium(pain in App). The alternatives are Hulu, Mobdro, Showbox, and Cinema-box. More information about the same applications is below.


  • Hulu brings you access to all of your favorite TV shows, the hottest new series, and the new movies, all streaming happen in one place.
  • It has an amazing library for the family entertainment which includes shows in high definition from channels like NBC, FOX, Disney, HBO, NBC, CBS, Cartoon Network, USA Network, PBS, FX, A&E, Miramax, MTV & much more.
  • To get this App for iPhone refer to official link.
Kodi Download Ipad Without Jailbreak


  • Mobdro is an App tool which helps to constantly look for free video streams. That available on the Internet and makes them available on your smartphone device.
  • It has two versions: Free (with ads) and Premium. Free is completely free for all user, the Premium version has added features, like capturing streams and support to ChromeCast, and it is free of ads.
  • Currently, The Mobdro App is not available on the iPhone App store.


  • Showbox is a free application available for Android to stream movies and TV shows. It is regarded as one of the best application in the free category apps as it allows users to stream movies in High Definition (HD) for free.
  • It is not available officially on Play store; so users have to sideload(transfer) it to the device.
  • Unfortunately, this App is also not available for the iOS.


  • Cinema-Box App For iOS(iPhone) download is a new ticket to the entry into the free apps that will help the user to watch movies, cinemas, and TVshows.
  • This App is the best replica to other nonavailable(for iOS) alternative Apps(Showbox and Mobdro).
  • To get this App on your iPhone, you need to use the vShare method.

Thus, the above-mentioned Apps are the alternative to the Kodi iOS App and some are not available in current time. So I suggest you watch over the Cinema box ( available unofficially) and Hulu ( link is already given).

Hence, I hope this article on 'Kodi for iPhone Download without Jailbreak (Kodi iOS iPad)' give you the best information. I would like to know your feedback and query(if any). Write us on to Kodi Thank you, dear friends.