1. Is Safe.to Download From Kodi Fire Stick
  2. Is Kodi Safe On Xbox

Everybody loves to see new Kodi Genesis tips. This time, lets have a look at a great Genesis tip for downloading any movie or TV show you want onto your local Kodi machine!

Is Safe.to Download From Kodi Fire Stick

Kodi is safe to download. Kodi is safe to use. It’s safe in the legal sense, and it’s safe for your computer or other device. There’s absolutely nothing to worry about. In fact, Kodi has. Safe to download streams without VPN? Can I download streams inside kodi without a VPN? Is this different from downloading torrents? Kodi goes Windows Store. With the release of Windows 10 Anniversary update, Microsoft announced its Desktop Bridge (Project Centennial). For those who don’t use the store you can still download the Windows version of Kodi from our official download page.

Both part 1 and part 2 of our Kodi Genesis tips have gotten great response, so we are back for part 3! This time, I’ll show you a great tip for downloading any movie or TV show you want off of Genesis to your hard drive or USB stick.

This is a great Kodi Genesis tip if you are ever going to be on an airplane or without internet service and want to download some movies or TV shows for the trip and still enjoy your Kodi experience.

Here’s how you do it:

  • Open Kodi
  • Select VIDEO > Add-Ons
  • Highlight (but don’t select) Genesis
  • Open the Context Menu (“C”)
  • Select Add-On Settings
  • Under Playback, turn off Auto-Play
  • While you are still in PlayBack, select Host Selection and change to Directory
  • Select Downloads and choose your download locations
  • Select OK
  • Find something you want to download
  • Select your movie or TV show as if you were going to watch it
  • When all of the sources open, Highlight (do not click enter)
  • Open the Context Menu (“C”) & select Download Video
  • You will now see a screen asking you to confirm the download.

All content is then available via Genesis > My Genesis or in the download folder you specified earlier.


And that’s it! You will now be able to enjoy the power of Genesis wherever you are both with internet access and without.

Is Kodi Safe On Xbox

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