How to Install Exodus on Kodi 17.6 Krypton (FireStick / PC). We must Turn it ON in order to download and install Kodi Add-ons that are not coming from official.

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Exodus Kodi Download and Install for Kodi:

Exodus Kodi Addon Latest 3.1.23: Hello Friends, In this article, we are going to see about What is Exodus Kodi Addon and the procedures to download and install Exodus Kodi Addon on your Latest Version Kodi Krypton 17.6 & 17 and also on Kodi Jarvis 16.1. Exodus is the best Kodi addon so far as it provides users the complete entertainment. Though Exodus Kodi addon is the best Kodi addon, nowadays they face several problems like “Exodus Kodi not working“, “No Stream Available” and “Exodus Kodi Disappeared“. Though Exodus Kodi is any more updated yet some of the features of the Addon are still available and still you can enjoy Exodus Kodi. You can move to covenant only if you wish to change completely. This article covers all the topic and that will let you enjoy the complete features of Exodus Kodi Addon on Kodi Player. Check out: Best Kodi Addons list[26 JAN 2018].

Table of Contents:

  • Latest Version Exodus Kodi Update 3.1.22 [12 Nov 2017]

Exodus Kodi Latest Update 3.1.23 for Kodi Krypton 17.6& 17.5:

This will be a Happy news for all the users of the Exodus Kodi. As we all know, Exodus is one of the best Kodi Addons that was working great. But Recently they have faced a Lot of Legal Issues and the Exodus Kodi Addon was almost down for months. Recently in July 2017, two versions of Exodus update has been launched and they have been termed as Exodus 3.1.22 and 3.1.23. The Most Recent update of Exodus Kodi repo is Cypher Locker’s ColdFire Version. Kindly Don’t Install any Addon or repo that says Exodus is updated to 4.1.05 version. No one knows the Source of the Addon and it is Highly Risky to use Such Addon. The Official Exodus Kodi Addon is down and versions 3.1.23 & 3.1.22 are just Forks of Exodus Kodi Addon. This article will help you to install the Latest Version Exodus Kodi on Kodi Krypton 17.6.Check out: Kodi Krypton 17.4 [Latest] Bug Fix Release

Exodus Addon Kodi 17.3 Download

Exodus Kodi Update using Smash Repository[Latest]:

This Tutorial is to Help users who have got complete and legal rights to view and access and this is completely an information package. Kodiinfopark doesn’t support any Software Piracy and does not bear any responsibility for what users does with the contents of the site and Kodi and Kodi Addons. This is just an Information site. Kindly Visit our Disclamer Page..

In this Section, we are going to see How to Download Exodus Kodi 3.1.22 using Smash Repo.Kindly follow the Below Steps.

  • Open Kodi.
  • Click on the Addons option in the Left section.
  • Now select the Addons icon on the Top left of the screen.
  • Choose the option Install from Zip file.
  • Now Navigate to the folders and locate the Smash Repo Zip file that we have downloaded(Repo can be downloaded from
  • Choose the option Install and Kindly wait for Addon Enabled Notification.
  • Now proceed to the option Install from Repository.
  • Open Smash Repo.
  • Go to Video Addons of Smash Repo.
  • Now search for Exodus Kodi. Once you find Exodus Kodi then Kindly install it.
  • Kindly wait for Addon enabled notification. Now your Latest and updated Exodus Kodi is ready for use.
  • Kindly note, in this method, the Exodus Kodi that is available is 3.1.22and this is the Fork of Latest Exodus Repo. Check out: How to Install Covenant Kodi Addon[Latest].

Exodus Kodi Update 3.1.23 using Cypher Lockers Repo:

This method is the best and efficient to download and install Latest and Updated Version of Exodus Kodi on Kodi Krypton 17.6. In this method, we will use Cypher Lockers Repo to install the Exodus Kodi Update and is called as ColdFire Version 3.1.23. Kindly follow the below steps.Download the Cypher Lockers Repo.

  • Open Kodi Player.
  • Select the Addons option that is available.
  • Now Kindly select the Addons icon that is available on the top left of the screen.
  • Choose the option Install from Zip file.
  • Navigate to the Downloaded Repo and install it.
  • Kindly wait for Addon enabled notification.
  • Go to the Option Install from Repository.
  • You can find the Cypher Locker’s Repo over there.
  • Choose Video Addons.
  • Locate Exodus Kodi and Install it.
  • Wait for Addon Enabled Notification.
  • Once the download is completed then you will get the Addon enabled notification and the latest Version Exodus Kodi is now ready for use.

Exodus Kodi Addon is no more & Covenant is the Best Replacement:

In spite of the Latest update from the Coldfire, The Exodus Kodi Addon is no more. It is a very sad news for all the users of Kodi. Exodus Kodi was one of the Best Video Addons that was working Great for a long period of time. But in the recent days, almost all the Kodi Addons faced a lot of Ups and Downs and as a result of that Exodus is Completely Down and it is no more. This article just provides the information to download and install Exodus on Kodi Player. But the Addon will not Work. But Don’t Worry Friends, Covenant Kodi is here. Covenant Kodi is considered as the Best Replacementfor Exodus Kodi. Download the Covenant Kodi Addon on latest version Kodi Player 17.6 & 17.

How to Install Exodus Kodi 3.1.19 [Older Version]:

Addon Kodi 2017

Exodus Kodi Addon is a Third Party Kodi addon and is not related to official Kodi in any way.

This tutorial will clearly explain you on How to Download and Install Exodus Kodi Addon on Kodi Krypton and Kodi Jarvis. Firstly Download the Exodus Repo. Kindly follow the below steps to get to know How to install Exodus on Kodi using easy methods.

Checkout: IPTV Kodi Addons in a Single Repo!!

Note: This is a 3rd party addon/plugin and that is not supported by the Kodi Team and so do not try to post questions related to this addon/plugin on the Kodi Official Forums”
  • Firstly download the New Version of Exodus Kodi Repo using the above Download Link. This is the latest version repo that has updated Trakt Issues that users were facing but you are supposed to re-authenticate your Trakt ID again. Once you download the Exodus Kodi Repo then Kindly save it on an easily accessible path.
  • Now Go to Kodi Player and then go to Addons.
  • Select Addon icon that is available on the Top Left of the Screen.
  • Once you click on that then you can able see different categories of Addons like Video Addons, Music Addons, Picture Addons and more.
  • On the Right Side of the screen, you can able to see an option called as Enter an Addon browser.
  • Click on that. Then Kindly select the option Install from Zip file.
  • Now all you have to do is to locate the Exodus Repo Zip file that you have downloaded already.
  • Here you will get a warning like “Do you wish to continue as it is a third party addon“.
  • Enable the option that allows apps from Unknown Resources.
  • Now kindly wait for addon enabled notification. Once you get the pop like Exodus addon is enabled.
  • Click on the Install from Repository.
  • You can able to find Exodus Repository over there. Click on that Repository.
  • Now go back to Video Addons.
  • Go to Exodus then.
  • Finally, Click on Install Option.
  • Kindly wait for addon enabled notification.
  • Once you get the notification as Exodus Kodi addon is enabled then it is ready for use.

That is it, Friends. Now the Exodus Kodi addon is ready to use Now enjoy streaming all your favorite multimedia contents.

Exodus Kodi was working well but nowadays people are facing several problems such as “Exodus Kodi, not Working” and “Exodus Kodi Disappeared“. We will see these two errors in detail Friends.

My Exodus Kodi is not Working:

Exodus Kodi has its base root from Lambda who is the owner of the most famous Genesis. Exodus is also from Lambda only and that is why it has reached millions of people all around the world. The following are the causes that can produce the error Exodus Kodi Not Working.

Your Exodus Kodi addon might not be updated to the Latest version:

In this case, you have to update your latest Exodus Kodi addon. Get Latest Exodus Repo here.

  • Go to Addons option.
  • Select Exodus Kodi Addon.
  • Go to Addon Settings.
  • Select Update. Once you do this then your Exodus Kodi will get updated.
  • Finally, close the Kodi Application and relaunch the application. Now you Exodus Kodi Addon might work well.

You can also select Auto Update Feature that is available in the Settings of the Kodi Player.

My Exodus Kodi addon is blank or Empty while running:

This error happens nowadays more frequently. But we have tested on this error and found a simple solution. If you find your Exodus not working properly then we have to follow the basic and older way and that is Restarting Kodi Player. Once you do this then Exodus Kodi might Work Well.

If you still face the above problem then you need need to use URL Resolver option.

  • Go to Exodus Addon.
  • Then go to Tools.
  • Select Clear Providers & Clear Cache.
  • Once the process is done then kindly relaunch the application Kodi

Your issue will get resolved.

In general, You might face the error “Exodus not working ” only when either your Kodi is outdated or your Exodus Addon version is outdated. Hence it is better if you have the Latest Version of Kodi and Exodus Kodi Addon. The Latest Version of Exodus Kodi is 3.1.19.

Most the users who get the above error belong to Kodi Jarvis because they don’t process HTTPS but Exodus Kodi works well in Kodi Krypton latest Version.

No Stream Available Error:

Nowadays many of the users are worried about this error “No Streams Available“. Actual Mistake is on our side only. Exodus Kodi just acts like a Search engine to access Different kinds of Multimedia contents on the web. We should not expect that we will get each and every movie, TV Shows and others using Exodus Kodi. There are certain multimedia contents that are not available in different countries for different reasons and you may not be able to find the video that you wish to see. This is common. If a content is available in Exodus then you can able to view it. That is it, Friends.

Exodus Kodi Disappeared Error:

This error also happens nowadays to most of the users and more particularly to Amazon FireStick Users. In this case, We have to clear the cache and try relaunching the application. Cache is stored information for faster access. If you face any problem related to Exodus Kodi Disappeared then kindly for Clearing the Cache and it might start working well.

Amazon FireStick users can try going to Settings and then account and then to Deregister. Now Log In again. Now you can able to see Exodus Kodi on you Frontpage.

How to Install Exodus on Kodi 17.5 Krypton Video Tutorial:

The conclusion of the Article:

We hope you are satisfied with our article on How to install Exodus on Kodi. We have also tested some of the common errors that occur in Exodus Kodi nowadays and we have found the solution and we have posted it in this article for your kind reference. If you have any query or if you face any problem in downloading and installing Exodus Kodi then kindly comment us and we will revert with a solution. Have Great day friends.

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