1. Download A Build For Kodi
  2. Where To Download The Beast Kodi Wizard
  3. Download The Beast Kodi Build
  4. Download The Beast Kodi Builder

how to install The Beast Encore On Kodi
- Open Kodi / XBMC
  1. 2 How To Download And Install The Beast Kodi Build; The Beast is an outstanding Kodi build to install the various program add-ons and to boost the performance of Kodi by modifying cache and log files.
  2. The Beast Build is a world popular Kodi build which supports all the contents from the USA and UK. In this guide, you’ll learn the step by step process to install The Beast Kodi UK Build and The Beast Kodi US Build along with complete setup.

Tutorial How to Install The Beast Build Kodi - A Step by Step Guide 01 September 2016 font size. If yes, recheck your email and password entries, or make sure you have login into The Beast login page. Wait until the download process to finish. Then wait until the extracting process to finish. We need to RESTART the system. Now we will learn how to go about with the beast Kodi download. Step 3: Install the Beast Kodi Build from the Repo. Here are the steps to install the build. From the Kodi home-screen, click ‘Add-ons’ and then click ‘Package Installer’ icon like before. Now, click ‘Install from repository’ #2.

- Select SYSTEM > File Manager
- Select Add Source
- Select None
The beast build kodi 17

Download A Build For Kodi

- Type in the following EXACTLY http://www.areswizard.co.uk
- Select Done
- Select Enter a name for this media source
Give the source a name Areswizard is an easy name to use
- Select Done
- Select OK
- Go back to your home screen
- SYSTEM > Settings
- Select Add-ons
- Select Install from Zip File
- Select Areswizard
- Select script.areswizardx.x.xx.zip
- Wait for Add-On Enabled Notification
The add-on is now installed.
- Go back to your home screen
- Select Ares Wizard

Where To Download The Beast Kodi Wizard

from your home screen
- Select Browse Builds
- Select The Beast - Encore And Install

Live TV
Tv Shows

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This post it’s a guide about the best Kodi 17 Krypton Builds. You will find a list of 5 best Kodi 17 builds and how to install these magic builds.

The newly released kodi krypton 17.0 has had a huge impact in the kodi world. It brings in new builds that make kodi more interesting. The installation of these builds is similar to the installation of kodi Jarvis skin but it is important that you get to know a few things that go into the new builds.

What’s New About The Kodi 17 Builds?

  1. The settings menu has now been replaced by the gear icon. This is found on the top left corner of the home screen.
  2. http://fusion.tvaddons.ag . This is the popular source on kodi and though still remains in place, the wording is different. ‘start-here’ has now been replaced by ‘begin-here’. It also has indigo instead of hubwizard.
  3. File manager. This is now found under the settings menu which is now known as the gear icon.
  4. You will be getting warnings from kodi 17 when installing add-ons from unknown sources.

How to Enable Unknown Sources on Kodi 17 Krypton?

  • Open kodi and visit the add-ons category. This is found to the left side of the screen.
  • Visit the settings tab. This is found under the gear icon. Move the slider indicating addons from unknown sources to turn it on. This prompts a warning message. Click yes to allow installation from unknown sources. This is because beast is not found in the kodi repository.

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The 5 Best Kodi 17 Krypton Builds 2018:

  1. The Beast Krypton Build

    The beast krypton build stands out in the list of builds kodi 17.0 has to offer. This is a build that features bold screen graphics and power addon line up. The updated beast kodi wizard hosts all program and video add-ons.If you had used the beast in past versions, you will note that the sign up process that many complained about is still present. This has been there and remains to be there for a particular reason, security. After all it only takes three minutes to be verified on the kodi wizard.

    The beast build has all the content neatly organized. The wide array of content gives the user endless options right from live TV to kid’s content. Its home screen is organized into movies, TV shows, encore sports, live IPTV, beast addons, kids place, music, videos, programs and system.

    How To Install The Beast Build For Kodi 17 Krypton:

    Before trying to install the beast build, it is important to note that you need to be registered first. Otherwise your build won’t work. Once registered, you can continue with the installation process.

    • Open kodi and visit the add-ons category. This is found to the left side of the screen.
    • Visit the settings tab. This is found under the gear icon. Move the slider indicating addons from unknown sources to turn it on. This prompts a warning message. Click yes to allow installation from unknown sources. This is because beast is not found in the kodi repository.
    • Go back to the home screen. Open the gear icon and select the file manager. Scroll down. Double click the add source button.
    • On the popup box, select none and enter the http://thebeast1.com/repo/. Click OK.
    • Enter the source name. Use Beast or any other name. Click OK.
    • Go back to the home screen. Click add-ons. An open box icon appears on the upper left corner. Click on the icon.
    • Install from the zip file. Wait for a notification.
    • Go back home. Highlight program add-ons and choose beast wizard.
    • Select the build to install. The build will be ready to use.
  2. No Limits Magic Build Kodi Krypton

    The no limits magic kodi 17 krypton build is among the most comprehensive builds. The popular build is now available on the new kodi 17. It can easily be downloaded from the echo repository. Boasting of a fantastic interface, no limits gives the user a wide range of options right from live TV to movies and series. Some thumbnails of popular movies can also be found on the main screen.

    The no limits repo has a number of options that you can choose from. These include the no limits magic build that many people are familiar with. You can install the no limits magic build on your kodi with or without adult addons. This is a feature that users with kids will appreciate. This is not to mention that it plays host to some of the popular addons such as phoenix and exodus. Its association with renowned addons has made no limits quite popular. The servers have been overwhelmed and this may have some impact on you’re the build or some addons respond.

    How to install No Limits On Kodi 17 Krypton:

    There are two methods that can be followed to install no limits. These are the default URL and the Echo wizard. Here is a guide on how to go about it.

    Default URL
    • Visit the main menu and click on the system bar. Proceed to the file manager
    • Click add source on the left side
    • Click ‘NONE’
    • Add http://kodinolimits.com/kodi/ in the URL section. If the URL doesn’t work, use http://kodinolimits.srve.io/kodi/ as the alternative URL.
    • Name it as kodinolimits or any other name that will be easy to remember. Click OK.
    • Go back to the main menu. Click on settings.
    • Select Add-ons
    • Install from the zip file
    • Find kodinolimits in the box that slide open. Click it.
    • Click the wizard link
    • The download will start automatically. Once installed a popup message indicating add-on installed will appear.
    • Visit the main menu and select programs
    • Select no limits wizard
    • Click build to install
    • No limits build will download, install and restart.
    • In case a warning box pops up, force close kodi and restart.
    Using echo Wizard
    • Visit the main menu. Go to system and select file manager.
    • Click add source, box on the left side
    • Select none
    • Type http://echocoder.com/repo/ in the URL
    • Enter the name Echo
    • Go back to the main menu. Go to systems and select settings option.
    • Click on add-ons
    • Select install from zip file option
    • Click Echo in the box that slides open
    • Select repository.echo-1.04.zip
    • No limits download and indicates enabled at the bottom left corner of the screen.
    • Select install from repository
    • Click echo repository
    • Select program addons
    • Echo wizards
    • Install
    • Check out the add-on enabled popup message to the bottom right of the screen.
    • Go back to the main menu. Select programs
    • Select echo wizard
    • Click community builds
    • Select kodi no limits
    • Click close on the informational dialog
    • Select your preferred build version
    • Download the build
    • Press OK to force close. This allows the system to save changes.
    • Confirm that you want to close kodi in the dialog box that follows.
    • Restart your kodi and allow no limits to update.
  3. Ares Build

    The kodi community has so much to offer. Among the latest introductions is the Ares project build. This is a build that was introduced by Erick Shankman, the man behind Shank’s build. Since its introduction in January, the build has received great adoration from kodi users especially US users.

    Having the Ares wizard expands your options when it comes to enjoying your kodi. The wizard allows you to install a huge number of builds and comes with an add-on installer. It simplifies addons installation by giving the user an all-inclusive menu.

    From the Ares wizard, you can install the Ares build which is a build packed with entertainment, news and all sorts of goodies. It is family friendly given that it includes sport, movies, TV shows as well as kids zone in the collection.

    How to install Ares Build On Kodi 17 Krypton:

    Before installing the Ares build or wizard, it is advisable that you clear all the data present on your kodi. You can then follow the steps bellow to install Ares build on kodi krypton.

    • Visit the home screen and select the system option. Click on file manager
    • Select ‘Add source’
    • Click ‘None’. This prompts the appearance of a keyboard
    • Type http://www.areswizard.co.uk in the box and click done
    • Type Ares in the dialog box that follows. That will be the name of the media source.
    • Return to the main screen. Press the esc button on the pc or back button on the remote.
    • Click on system and select addons
    • Click install from zip file
    • Select Ares
    • Click on the Ares wizard zip
    • Wait for a notification showing that the addon has been enabled
    • Return to the home screen
    • Select programs and click on the Ares wizard
    • Click browse builds
    • Select the Ares build
    • Enter the four digit pin. You can get a free pin here https://ares-project.uk/threads/ares-build-beta-download-code.6224/
    • Click the Ares build-Beta option
    • Click to install. The download will begin automatically.
    • The system requests you to backup your profile/skin. Click No.
    • Force close kodi on the next popup window
    • Reboot the box. Restart kodi to allow Ares to be fully installed. It is important to give it time to update. This can take 10 to 15 minutes.
  4. Tomb Raider Build For Kodi 17 Krypton

    This is one of the older builds that have been upgraded to work with kodi 17 krypton. Tomb raider is a build that is not only popular but very interactive. It comes with a number of popular add-ons such as exodus and doesn’t require one to have an email or account to install.

    Having being built by someone who knows a lot about builds, tomb raider is easy to navigate and very engaging. It comes with stunning features and interface that will look great on any device. The build which is named after a movie and the popular video game is clean and easy to navigate. The new version of tomb raider is located in the Echo repository. If you haven’t installed the repository, you will need to install it before you can install the build.

    How to install Tomb Raider Build On Kodi 17:

    • Open your kodi and go to the home screen
    • Click on the add-ons category to your left
    • Use the gear icon to access the settings. From here, you can turn on installation from third party or unknown sources. Tomb raider build is not found in kodi repository. Click yes on the warning that follows,
    • Go back to the home screen. Use the gear icon to access the file manager. Scroll down on the list a click to add source.
    • Click on add file source
    • Click in the ‘none’ line highlighted
    • Enter http://tombraiderbuilds.netne.net/repo/ as the repository link. Click OK.
    • Name the source as TombRaider for easy access. Click OK.
    • Return to the home screen. Click on Addons. An ‘open box’ icon will appear to the upper left corner. Click on it.
    • Then install from zip file
    • Click on tombraider
    • Select the tomb raider repository zip and wait for the popup message
    • Click install from repository. Select tomb raider repo
    • Select program addons
    • Click tomb raider build wizard and install. Wait for a notification
    • Return to the home screen and select addons. Highlight program addons. Click on Tomb build wizard
    • Click ‘install the build now’ to start enjoying tomb raider build.
  5. Titanium Build

    Titanium build is yet another outstanding kodi 17 build. It is part of the daily update wizard that also includes a noob time build. With this build, users are treated to loads of addons with sections for TV shows, sport replays, movies, kid’s zone and YouTube sport among others. There is also a tab for Evolve, Phoenix, UK Turk and Titan.

    Just like most of the builds on kodi, titanium is not found in the official kodi repository. As such, you would need to enable installation from unknown sources. Failure to do so prevents you from installing the build.

    If you had used titanium build on Jarvis, you will definitely note a lot of changes in the titanium build for kodi krypton 17. The theme colour has changed and so has the style. The developer has also included an adults section. This section has 32 add-ons and is safely secured by a password. A Spanish section is also included. This provides Spanish users a nerve ending supply similar to what the English counterparts enjoy.

    How to install Titanium For Kodi 17 Krypton:

    • Go to the kodi homescreen and open the system section. Select the file manager
    • Add source. Select none
    • Enter http://repo.supremebuilds.com in the text box that follows.
    • Enter Supreme as the source name.
    • Return to the home screen
    • Select addons. Click on Addon browser icon
    • Click on install from zip file
    • Select the supreme builds repository zip. Wait for notification.

    Installing The Supreme Builds Wizard Addon:

    • Go to kodi’s home screen
    • Click on add-ons
    • Select ‘add-on browser’ icon
    • Install from repository
    • Click program add-ons
    • Choose supreme builds
    • Wait for notification.

    Installing Titanium Build From Supreme Wizard

    • Return to the home screen. Select add-ons
    • Click on program add-ons
    • Click supreme build wizard
    • Select supreme builds
    • Click titanium krypton
    • Select the install option
    • Force restart to enable the build to be fully installed.

Download The Beast Kodi Build

Titanium takes up to 5 minutes to update on reboot after which it will be ready for use.

Download The Beast Kodi Builder


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