In fact, if you need to be introduced to Real Debrid in Kodi, it is an add-on that comes for Kodi. This application helps in streaming videos and music items and allows you to download many of these videos that are hosted on the Internet. Premiumize and Real Debrid are debrid services that allow you to use links from premium file lockers that are usually hidden if you don't have them by manually search. Allows you to get max video download or streaming speed through Kodi addons without a wait time or entering a captcha. According to the official website of Real Debrid “Real-Debrid is an unrestricted downloader that allows you to quickly download files hosted on the Internet or instantly stream them into an innovative web player”. But let me explain you in layman terms. Real Debrid is a service that provides Movies, TV shows, Ebooks etc from Premium Sources which isn’t available for everyone.


BACKGROUND: I've learned reliable 4K streaming is impossible using addons. Many movies are 35 gb - to play that smoothly with no buffering or pauses you would need roughly a 50 megabit stream sustained throughout the entire playback of the movie. Even a temporary slowdown on the server side would interrupt that.

I have a 150 megabit wired connection, a real debrid account and a shield box - but I've learned real debrid doesn't consistently sustain high rates over long periods and even if it does - the buffer on a 16gb device will get full partway through the movie.

Real Debrid Account Activate

THE SOLUTION: Find real debrid 4K movie links using addons like silent hunter (I've also heard of people using release hub with less success or even the rls scene website), start the video on kodi to make sure it works. Next - go to your computer - login to real debrid - click my account- my downloads - you will see the link for the movie you want - then download it to your computer. You are now downloading a 4K movie for hassle free playback !

Real Debrid Kodi Worth It

I put my new 4K movie collection onto network attached storage which is mounted in kodi - so I can even watch in kodi .


If you want the movie to download faster - get a download manager which will work faster than your browser.

Download Real Debrid In Kodi Download

Let me know if you find any other ways to find 4K movie links that work with real debrid!

Real Debrid Setup Kodi

Note: I've downloaded about a dozen movies this way all from uptobox - unfortunately uptobox cant be searched online for privacy reasons- so I pretty much have to wait for the link to show up in an addon to get it.