Kodi is an immensely popular media center which providing complete solution to entertainment. This is an opensource software developed by XBMC foundation and supporting almost all popular operating system. But, here in this article we are going to talk about how to download kodi on firestick and fire TV. Let us now learn how to install The Beast on FireStick and all the Kodi supported devices. Sign Up for The Beast Kodi Build. While we will install The Beast Kodi build on the Kodi platform, we will first need to register for the service on the web portal. So, let me first take you through the sign-up process. Later, we will install this build.

What exactly Kodi build is? The answer to this question is that it is a pre-configured file which is created by an individual or some community. The files are usually installed using a repository. The Kodi Builds are programmed in such a way that they install various add-ons to your Kodi and also add the shortcuts to some specific add-ons. The Kodi builds offer its user a highly customized version of Kodi installed with various add-ons. That is why the users use the Kodi builds.

Moreover, Kodi builds are very much efficient since the Kodi builds are already installed with add-ons due to which there is no need to manually install add-ons which will only consume a lot of your time.

The Kodi Builds come with the latest add-ons like movies, TV shows, Kids section (including Kids channels like cartoon channels), music, gaming and much more.


  • 1 Best Kodi Builds for Free Download

Best Kodi Builds for Free Download

Now, without wasting much time let us dig into some of the best Kodi builds for you guys.

1. BK Links Builds

Build Source: http://streamdigital.org/wiz/

The BK Links Build has gained much popularity since it was released. The BK Links build is of size 315 MB which is quite large. The BK Links Kodi Build comes packed with some of the most popular Kodi add-ons which includes Neptune Rising, Supremacy, The Dogs Bollocks, Maverick TV, Death Streams, Placenta and much more. Due to its large size, it is not suitable or may not work well on devices like Amazon Fire TV stick or Fire TV 3.

Even though the size of the BK Links Build is quite large, the UI and the layout of this Build is extremely clean and of great quality. The BK Links Kodi Build comes with a huge variety of content.

2. DUREX Build

Source: http://www.drxbld.com/wiz/

The Durex Kodi build comes packed with some great features and functions which has gained its huge popularity and momentum among the followers of Kodi community. The Durex Kodi build also comes with some of the best Kodi add-ons which will enhance your overall experience. The Durex Kodi Build is packed with some of the add-ons including Neptune Rising, Nemesis, Now Music, Maverick TV, Placenta, The Pyramid, Oculus and much more. The Durex Kodi build works amazing with devices including Firestick and smartphones.

Apart from the features, functions and some of the best-known add-ons, this Kodi build has to offer, the Durex Kodi Build also offers main plus point that is that it has 4 servers to choose from. If in case any one of them is not working, then you can rely on the other 3 servers.

3. Kodi Collusion

Source URL: http://www.onenation.info/Portal/

Kodi Collusion being one of the greatest Kodi builds comes packed with some of the most popular Add-ons like Sports Devil, YouTube, Planet MMA, The Dogs Bollocks, Placenta, Maverick TV, Rising Tides and much more.

All of the above mentioned popular add-ons are already pre-installed which spares the time of manually installing them. The Kodi Collusion is one of the Kodi build with small size.

The Kodi Collusion works perfectly on almost all the devices including Amazon’s Fire TV Stick.

4. The Beast Kryptonite

Source Link: http://thebeast2.com/repo/

The Beast Kryptonite Kodi build is known to be best Kodi Builds that you can install on your devices including PC, Mac, Amazon Fire TV Stick or Android. The Beast Kryptonite is one of an old Kodi Build which is being updated regularly through years and still going strong. This Kodi build it comes with the best video add-ons that are pre-installed which spares time of manually installing the add-ons.

The current release of the Beast Kryptonite works very well with the Kodi 17 Krypton.

5. Tomb Raider Krypton Build

Tomb Raider is a significant old Build than different expands on the list of Kodi builds. Nonetheless, it has been maintained over the years and now been refreshed for Kodi Krypton 17. Like other Kodi builds, it likewise accompanies the best additional items introduced for movies, TV Shows, Live TV, and Sports.

The Tomb Raider Kodi Build is known as one of the best Kodi builds of 2019. This build is packed with some of the most popular add-ons, for example, Nemesis, FTFA, Sports World, Rising Tides, Bob Unleashed, Boom, Not Sure, Poseidon, Picasso, the Pyramid, DELIVERANCE, Serendipity, The Red Pill, Supremacy and much more.

6. Hard Nox Build

Source: http://misfitmods.com/mmwiz/repo/

Hard Nox Build is a decent Kodi build with a decent design. Eon Nox 5 is its main theme.

The hard Nox Kodi build comes with some of the add-ons including Phoenix and Exodus. This Kodi build consists of Builds for both the new Kodi Krypton 17 and Kodi Jarvis. Moreover, it is an awesome form and one should try it out.

7. No Limits Magic Build

Download Source: https://nolimitsbuilds.com/kodi/

No Limits Magic Build is an incredible build which incorporates all the best video add-ons like Exodus, Sports Devil, Phoenix that are pre-installed in it sparing the time of manually installing it.

The best part of “No Limits Magic Build” id its layout. This Kodi build offers an amazing layout with a very much clean interface which allows a quick access to contents for everyone like TV Shows, Movies and Music, Live TV and more.

8. Wookie Lite Build

Download ZIP: http://wookiespmc.com/down/Wookie.zip

Wookie Lite Build is an exceptionally decent Kodi Build which is made by Wookie. The Wookie Lite Build is also pre-installed with some of the most amazing add-ons, for example, Phoenix and Exodus.

The Wookie Lite Build is exceptionally smooth and fast since no widgets are installed. This Kodi build works well even for the smallest devices including Amazon Fire TV Stick. The Wookie Lite build is a great option if you are looking for a Kodi build which works fast and looks good.

9. Hyper TT Build

Link: http://toptutorials.co.uk/kodi/

Hyper TT Build is for the individuals who are searching down an intense and a straightforward Build which contains all that one needs in a Kodi device. It is a standout amongst other Kodi works and is pre-installed with all the top best Kodi add-ons.

This Kodi build comes with categories including Movies, Live TV, TV Shows, Kids Section, Favorites, Phoenix and much more.

10. Celtic Dragon Build

Link: http://celticdragon.esy.es/Repository/

Celtic Dragon Build is again one of the most excellent builds for Kodi 17 Krypton. This Kodi Build is loaded with a Celtic vibe and has some incredible animation that gives it dynamic looks.

The Celtic Dragon Build comes with screensaver whose touches feel amazing and the theme consists of some of the most amazing, solid and relevant sections which use some of the available widgets.

11. Tesla Light Build

Link: http://theteslabuilds.esy.es/

Tesla Light Build is known to be one of the lightest forms of Kodi 17. The Tesla Light Build is pre-installed with add-ons. The Tesla Light Build Kodi Build also allows its users to add their own widgets and add-ons. This Kodi build is incredibly fast, easy to use and works very well with most of the devices including the Amazon Fire TV Stick.

The Tesla Light Build has categories for Kids, movies, TV shows, Sports, IPTV, TV extra and much more.

This Kodi build comes packed with some of the most amazing add-ons such as 123 Movies, Exodus Ares Fitness, Evolve, Ares football, Tykes, Watch TV Series, YouTube and much more.

12. Titanium Build

Source: http://repo.supremebuilds.com

Titanium Build is known to be the one which is super quick Build and works even for the Fire Sticks and other devices which are slow. The Titanium Kodi Build uses the Xonfluence Skin.

Again, just like other Kodi builds packed with pre-installed add-ons, the Titanium Kodi Build has numerous mainstream add-ons pre-installed, for example, Velocity, Salts, Tevee, Pro Sport, WolfPack, Zen, Phoenix, Stream Hub, Royal We, Goodfellas, Echo Streams, Project M, Gobble, CCLoud and much more.

13. Duggz Build

Source: http://duggzwizard.duggzbuilds.com/

Duggz Build just like any other Kodi build is an amazing build which is pre-installed with some of the great add-ons sparing the time of manually installing them. This Kodi build comes with large fonts and spacing.

This Kodi build is a perfect addition to the premier league football season. You can even watch any game at any time as per your wish. The Duggz Build is divided into different sections like DUGGZ SPORTS, DUGGZ PRO IPTV BLACK GLASS, DUGGZ VIRGIN PRO IPTV and all in one with PRO V.

14. Apollo Build

Source: http://ares-repo.eu

Apollo build is a site where you can search ends. The Apollo Build consists of a lot of add-ons, for example, Exodus, Salts, movie mix and much more. This Kodi build contains great content for its users. The Apollo Build V7, Aione 2.7, and Apollo Lite are the latest versions of Apollo Build which contains everything within it.

Download Kodi On Firestick Beast

The Ares Project with the help several developers created the Apollo build. The Apollo build is updated regularly and is still up to date. You can access the Ares wizard from the main menu. The Apollo Build consists of a massive collection of add-ons with Ares wizard support and has quite an attractive design which is one of the best things about Apollo Build.

15. Diggz Mega All in One Build

Source: http://repo.ares-project.com/magic/

Diggz Mega All in One Build is a combination of eminence Build, Xenon Clean Build, Diggz Kid and X1 Build due to which it is known to be one of the best Kodi Build. This Kodi Build is best Krypton 17 build for 2019.

Since it a combination of 4 builds which is one of the best things about this build, you can switch to any of the build as per your wish. The Diggz Mega All in One Build is quite smooth and functional.

16. Bullzeye Build

Source of File: http://bullzeyebuildz.uk/zip

Bullzeye Build is again one of the best Kodi Builds which is pre-installed with all the best Kodi add-ons of 2018. The Bullzeye build works wonders with almost all the devices including Amazon Fire TV Stick. This Build is fast, smooth and a fire stick friendly Kodi build for 2019.

This Build comprises of all the top popular add-ons, for example, Real Movies, Falcon Movies, Bob, Dc Sports, Deliverance, WolfPack, Sports Angel, Falcon Sports, Now Music, Exodus, Genesis Reborn, Gobble, Indie Mix, One 242415, Phoenix, SkyNet and much more.

Free kodi download for firestick

17. Horizon Build

Find the Build on Ares Rep: http://ares-repo.eu

Horizon Build is one of a great build with all the add-ons pre-installed which are updated and works perfectly. The Horizon Build works great with all the devices including the Amazon Fire TV Stick and is quite fast.

The Horizon Build comes with two different versions of Krypton and Kodi Jarvis. This build can be installed using Ares wizard repository.

18. Cosmic Saints 4K Build

Old Source: http://archive.org/download/plugin.program.CSaintsWizard

The New Cosmic Saints 4k Build is a great build for Kodi 17 Krypton. The New Cosmic Saints 4k Build is known to be one of the currently best build for 2018. This Build is divided into different sections including TV Shows, movies, Live TV, Sports, Mens and much more.

Apart from this, the New Cosmic saints 4k Build comprises different add-ons which are pre-installed within it. One must definitely try The New Cosmic Saints 4k build.

19. Pulse CCM

The Pulse CCM is a powerful Build with tons of add-ons pre-installed within it. This build feature-rich build and its interface are quite similar to the default Kodi skin. If you like the default Kodi skin, then you will definitely love The Pulse CCM. Though, this build comes with some minor changes than the default Kodi skin.

As we said, that this build is loaded with tons of add-ons, well it consists of some of the best third-party add-ons, for example, Gurzil, Bob Unleashed, Deliverance, Death streams, Elysium, Not Sure, Stream Hub, Sports world, Star Tec, Rising Tides, and much more.

20. Mammoth Build

Source: http://wookiespmc.com/wiz

Mammoth is known to be one of the best Kodi Build from the popular Wookie Wizard. This build is highly compatible with streaming devices including Amazon Fire TV Stick, Android TV box, Tablets, Windows PC, Fire TV box, Nvidia Shield TV and Android Phones.

The Mammoth Build is well organized which makes it easier for the users to use it. The Mammoth Build consists of some of the most popular add-ons, for example, Genesis Reborn, Rising Tides, Bob Unleashed, 1080P Movies, Project M, Project D, Poseidon, Revelations, Picasso, and much more.

21. Team Vegas Build

Source: http://vegasbuild.srve.io/vegas/

Team Vegas is one of the fastest build of Kodi Krypton 17.1 you will ever find. The Team Vegas build comes with a great interface and works wonders with all the devices.

However, the Team Vegas Build does not consist of any widget which is its biggest disadvantage. But, this disadvantage is its biggest advantage too. Since it does not consist of any widget, it is suitable for smaller devices too. This Koodi build consists of some of the most popular add-ons for example, Zen, Motor Replays, Bretts Retro TV, Boom Boom TV, Ares Music, Helping Hands, Bob, Bubbles, Bobby Cartoons, C Movie HD,Wolfpack, Sports Angel, White Devil Streams, The Players Klub Beta, Suicide TV, Silent Hunter, UFC Finest, CCloud TV, DC Sports, Digimon, Exodus, Gobble, Fox News and more in its list of add-ons.

22. Raze Reborn Kodi Build

Source: Find in Ares: http://ares-repo.eu/

This build is known to be one of the most beautiful Kodi Build for 2018. The Raze Reborn Kodi build contains tons of add-ons.

This Kodi build is further divided into different sections including TV shows, Music, MMA World Wrestling, Favourites, Documentary, Kids section, TV Guide, Sports, Sports Extra, and All Sorts of TV. Raze Reborn works wonders with the Android devices and Firestick.

23. CDTV Infusion Build

Source: http://cellardoortv.com/repo

CDTV Infusion Build is again one of the most beautiful builds for Kodi Krypton 17.1 just like Raze Reborn Kodi Build. This build works well with the device like Amazon Fire TV Stick, Android, PC, Mac and many other Kodi devices. This build allows its users to stream Movies, watch TV shows, Play music, watch 4K and 3D content and much more.

If you are using Kodi Krypton 17 then you must try this Kodi Build.

24. Leviathan Kodi Build

Find in CS Saints Rep: http://csaints.com/repo/repository.csaints/

Leviathan Kodi build is a great build a user can prefer. This build can also be installed using Ares Wizard just like Cosmic Build. The build comprises some great add-ons in its lists such as Live Hub, Picasso, Sports Devil, Ares Football, Stream Hub, Boxsets King, Falcon, and much more.

The Levithan Kodi Build is divided into different sections or categories including Live TV, Movies, TV Shows, Sports Devil, Mens, Soccer, Kids and more.

25. Underverse Kodi Build

Source: http://underverse.one/wizard/

You will find all the necessary sections within this build, for example, TV Shows, Movies, Live TV, Sports, Kids, Music, Documentary, Fitness and much more. The Underverse Kodi Build is known to be one of the best Kodi Builds and is designed beautifully. The Build works with almost all the Kodi devices including Amazon Fire TV Stick.

Though the Underverse Kodi Build is a new Build still it contains some of the new add-ons like Covenant, Bennu, Pyramid, Nemesis and much more.

26. Misfit Mod Lite Build

Source Link: http://misfitmods.com/mmwiz/repo/

Misfit Mod Lite Build is again another Kodi Build which is one of the best builds and can run on any Kodi device including Amazon Fire TV Stick. The Mistfit Mod Lite Build is easy to navigate and is fast. It contains some of the best Known Kodi add-ons.

27. Eden Red Build

Source URL: http://edenbuilds.stream /eden/

Eden Red is quite large Kodi build and is beautifully designed unlike other Kodi builds. The size of this Kodi build is around 368mb. Due to its large size, it may not work well with the low streaming devices, for example, Amazon Fire TV Stick or Raspberry Pi.

Eden Red Build can be installed through Ares Wizard. Just like any other Kodi Build, the Eden Red Build also contains tons of add-ons for Apps, comedy, favorites, Live TV, kids, Movies, Power, TV Shows, UHD Movies and much more. The most popular add-ons in the list of the Eden Red Build are StreamHub, Nemesis, Enzo, 1080p Movies, Covenant, DC Sports, Tempus Reborn, Poseidon, Project Cypher, WolfPack, Atom, Oculus, Rebirth, Project D, Spinz Flix, The loop, DandyMedia, Flixnet, Maverick, and much more.

28. Skyllar Build

URL: http://mediarepos.net/kodistuff/

Skyllar Build can be installed using Smash Wizard. This build is one of the newest Kodi Builds. The size of this Build is quite large, around 300 MB. The Skyllar Kodi Build contains tons of best Kodi add-ons which work perfectly, for example, Bob Unleashed, Back In Time, Stream Hub, Quantum, Movie Dude, DeLorean, Picasso, Boxset Kings, Poseidon, SubZero, and Elysium.

The Skyllar Kodi Build works with most of the Kodi devices including Android TV Box and Fire TV.

29. Civil War Build

Source: http://repo.ares-project.com/magic/

As the name of the Kodi Build suggests, Civil War, this build is somewhat based on the Captain America movie. The Civil War build is from the Cosmic Saints Wizard. The design of this build is oriented around Avengers and Captain America.

The Navigation is easy which means that you will be able to find what you are looking for.

This Build can run on any device since it is the Lightest Kodi build. It can run on devices including Amazon TV Box, Firestick, and Raspberry Pi.

30. Dominus Build

Source Link: http://cellardoortv.com/wizard

Dominus is one lightweight Kodi Build. This Build is divided into different sections for Movies, TV Shows, Fitness, Sports, Live TV, and much more. Dominus Kodi build works well with all the devices including Amazon Fire TV Stick and Raspberry Pi.

This Kodi Build just like any other build consists of all the best Kodi add-ons including the UK Turks, Bob Unleashed, Nemesis, Poseidon and much more.

So these were 30 Top Kodi builds that are enough for you to enjoy every type of content. Using these you can get absolutely everything. You really don’t need other Builds apart from these.

How to Install Kodi Builds Easily?

Installing Kodi build is not a complicated task. Every Kodi addon/Build can be installed using the same procedure. If you don’t know how to Install, then here is simple tutorial that will help you install all the Top Kodi Builds updated above.

Step 1: Open Kodi and Click on the Settings Gear

Step 2: Click File Manager (can be seen on Bottom of the screen) and click on Add Source.

Step 3: A pop up will appear that says add file source. Click where it says <none>. It will then ask for the Source URL of the Build. Enter the source URL of the Kodi Build you wish to install.

Step 4: Click on and your Source will be added.

Step 5: Go to Add-on Manager and click on Install from Zip file. You can see the rep file of the Build you just installed. Click on the ZIp file and install the rep.

Step 6: Once the repository is installed, go back to the addon browser and click on Install from Repository.

Step 7: Select the Build you want to install and it will get installed on your Kodi.

Note that it may take a few minutes to install a build.

This is how you can install any Kodi build on your Kodi.

Final Words

You now have the list of 30 Best Builds for Kodi in 2019. Install them today and enjoy your favorite shows, movies and Live TV on your Kodi.

We have provided the source URL of each Kodi Build so that you don’t have to search for installation guides for each of them. Simply use the Source URL while using our method to install build and your work will be done.

We will be updating the article with more working Krypton and Jarvis Builds very soon. Till then enjoy all those that we mentioned above.

All about Kodi

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Kodi is one of the most popular media players around (and certainly the most controversial). As well as letting you access your own media files from a number of platforms (including the Xbox One), it’ll stream from hundreds and hundreds of sources across the world. It’s a powerful app and one that has attracted its fair share of erm, condemnation.

You can get Kodi on a wide range of platforms, and one of the best-suited is Amazon's Fire OS, as used by the Fire TV and Fire TV Stick (commonly known as Firesticks). Both devices are sitting proudly at the top of our list of the best Kodi boxes.

However, you can’t simply download Kodi from these devices’ app store. There are several ways to get the app on your device, though. We’re going to take you through the process using the simplest, quickest method, which should only take 10 minutes.

Step 1: Download Downloader

First, we need to get hold of an app that will let us directly download the Kodi app installer file. There are a few of these, but the one we’ll use is simply called Downloader.

It’s free, and it has a bright orange logo if you want to hunt for it manually. The quickest way to find it, if you have a mic-enabled Fire TV Stick, is to just speak into the remote while holding down the microphone button: saying “downloader” will bring it up instantly.

If your Fire TV isn’t voice-enabled it’s quickest to use the text search, as sifting through categories can take an age. Go to the Home screen display, press the up key on the remote so the navigation tabs are selected, then press the left key to get to the universal search area.

Type in 'downloader' and the app will pop-up in the results. Now just click through and install the app.

Step 2: Enable installing apps from unknown sources

The next part is where we get serious: enabling downloads of apps from unknown sources. By 'unknown sources', the Fire TV simply means any apps that are not from the Amazon Appstore.

This is an important security feature, but it needs to be disabled before you can install Kodi, as it’s not available direct from Amazon.

Select the nav tabs from the home screen by pressing up, and scroll right to reach Settings. From this menu, select Device. Next, pick Developer Options and you should see a sub-menu that includes the entry 'Apps from Unknown Sources'. Select it, making sure it reads ON underneath.

The disclaimer we need to make here is that if you’re going to start downloading apps from outside the Amazon store, make sure you’re not doing so from anywhere dodgy. Android apps can harbour viruses and malware, so download from official developer sites where possible. It’s what we’ll be doing next…

Step 3: Open Downloader

Next up, we just need to boot-up Downloader. This bit barely needs an instruction, as when you install an app you should see it pop up at the top of one of your apps feeds.

If it doesn’t, just long-press (around two seconds) the home button to get to the system shortcut menu. Select Apps, and you’ll see all the apps you have installed.

This is one thing Amazon Fire OS doesn’t do that well – actually putting your apps at your fingertips.

Step 4: Enter the Kodi URL

Now we’re in Downloader. This is an app that lets you download apps and other files through a browser-like interface, because Fire TV doesn’t actually have its own Chrome/Safari-style internet app.

On the app’s initial page you’ll see a white box into which you can type a URL. Select it and type in 'https://kodi.tv/download'.

How To Download Kodi On Firestick

This is the web page you’d head to on a laptop to install Kodi, and it works for Fire TV too.

Step 5: Select the right Kodi build

If you typed in the URL correctly you should now see a webpage appear in the Downloader app. Scroll down using the remote’s D-pad to find the green Android robot and select it.

Download Kodi On A Firestick

On the next page you’ll see all the available Android install builds. There are quite a few, and the one to pick depends on the version of Fire TV or Fire TV Stick you have.

The very first generation of Fire TV and Stick have 32-bit CPUs, so you’ll want to choose the ARM version labelled 32-bit. If you have a newer version, pick the ARM 64-bit build.

Download Kodi Beast On Firestick

On this page you’ll see 'release' and 'nightly' versions of Kodi, for both 32-bit and 64-bit versions. We recommend going for the 'release' version, which will have fewer bugs. The other. 'nightly' type may be newer but it's a work in progress.

Select the right build and the .apk installer file will start downloading. It’s an 87MB file, with the version we’re using. Once finished Downloader will automatically attempt to install it, making an installer prompt pop-up.

Press down on the D-pad to get to the Install button at the bottom of this page. Once the install is complete, don’t head right back to the Home screen but let the process take you back into the Downloader app. You’ll see an option to delete the install file, which will free up a little space – we don’t need it any more.

Step 6: Get content on your Kodi build

Pat yourself on the back – you just installed Kodi on your Fire TV. It should now appear in the Recent section on the Home page.

If you can’t find it at some point in the future, don’t forget you can access your app library by long-pressing the home button on the remote.

Kodi App For Firestick Download

What you’ll want to do now is install add-ons, which give you access to lots of streamed content – for more on this, be sure to check out our feature on the best Kodi add-ons.